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Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

In several instances, personal injury claims are settled before they reach the court. The Joseph Farzam Law Firm is a well established award winning Litigation and Trial firm, focusing on a variety of practice areas, including General Litigation, Business Litigation, Intellectual Property, Personal Injury, Employment Law and Lemon Law.
Our personal injury attorney team has obtained results at or in excess of a million dollars in car injury accidents, work injury accidents, truck injury accidents, pedestrian Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles injury accidents, bus injury accidents, construction injury accidents, gate injury falling accidents, automobile injury accidents and other types of cases.

As attorneys who have handled all types of personal injury cases for decades, we understand the importance of looking at all possible causes of the accident, including whether a defect in one of the cars or even the roadway caused or contributed to the accident.
Workman's Compensation may cover a certain percentage of the expenses incurred by a construction accident, but alone will be woefully insufficient to cover all the costs of a long-term or catastrophic injury such as paralysis, blindness, traumatic brain injury or death.

I've been down the road thousands of times many times people say, I'll call you when the insurance company messes up. Well 3-4 weeks later I get calls from these people saying I'm waiting for them to send me to a doctor, well guess what they have now won that game because a three to four week gap from the date of the accident to the time they see a doctor is the death of any personal injury case.
If someone is injured while using a product that left the manufacturer or seller's hands in a defective or dangerous condition, he or she may be able to recover the resulting damages from the responsible party in a products-liability-based personal injury suit.
Every year in the United States as many as twenty million children are injured as the result of various accidents, many of which are the result of another party's negligence and could have been prevented if the negligent party had used more common sense or caution.

As a personal injury victim, you are placing an immense trust into an attorney's hands to help you get your back life on track through obtaining the funds necessary to pay your medical bills, support you while you are unable to work, and to compensate you for your pain and suffering.
As a result, if you're cruising down the 101 and get into a car accident caused by another person, you may be able to recover compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, property damage, and emotional suffering, depending on the circumstances of your case.

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