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There is nothing more emotional for the family whose family member suffers a catastrophic injury that leads to paraplegia, triplegia or quadriplegia. Motor vehicle accidents If you've been injured in a serious motor vehicle accident such as a car accident or a truck accident, our injury attorneys will negotiate with insurance providers to ensure our clients receive the best possible compensation for medical expenses and property damage.
Russell & Lazarus is a highly respected and experienced personal injury law firm, serving the county of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Huntington Beach car accident lawyer and Riverside since 1998 with its founder and principal, Chris Russell , who has been practicing personal injury law since 1984.

Some instances where there is sufficient insurance to cover such injuries are accidents involving public entities such as city governments, bus companies, trucking companies, the company whose driver causes your accident, train accidents, airlines, hotels and restaurants, and wealthy homeowners.
If you are in a car crash and are injured, however, you will likely have the unpleasant experience of trying to pay for your medical bills, additional transportation expenses, lost wages, and many other costs associated with an accident that was not your fault.

Auto accidents — You may be entitled to compensation from the individual or business that caused your auto accident , bicycle accident or motorcycle accident Someone may have acted negligently, such as by driving under the influence or while distracted.
You should be concise in your answers, and answer truthfully, but you should not try to add information in an effort to fight back.” Leave that to your injury lawyer, who will have experience in understanding what the other attorney is doing, and why.
Until this situation is improved, pilots of EMS helicopters as well as the police and medical personnel on the ground have to take into consideration the condition of the injured persons at accident scenes, the dangerousness of the location, as well as the weather conditions and darkness in determining if the accident victims can be taken to a hospital by ambulance or if the risks warrant the use of an EMS helicopter, both for the safety of the injury victims and the EMS pilots, flight nurses and paramedics.

A seasoned legal mind who has a background as a former insurance defense attorney, John Daspit has the legal dexterity to represent victims of many different types of accidents and injuries and fight to ensure that insurance companies compensate victims fully and fairly.
I was turned down by 3 other Law firms to take my Medical Malpractice case because it wasn't a slam dunk case but Sean took a chance on me. It was a difficult case and I learned a lot about the law but this is a caring Law Firm and Sean and Jason Argos are so professional and caring people.

Collisions could occur from someone's negligence, from a product defect (product liability), or due to some danger that existed on a property, (premises liability) If you or your loved one have been hurt, you may need to contact anOrange County accident attorney at Jerisat Law Firm at (714)571-5700 for a free case evaluation.
Since 1979, the legal and insurance communities have learned to respect us. With over 35 years legal experience and community development, our personal injury firm is recognized as one of the top law firms in Orange County which brings a unique advantage to our clients.

The sooner you have your car accident or slip-and-fall accident evaluated by a knowledgeable personal injury attorney, the greater your opportunities will be to recover compensation from all negligent and responsible parties, including other motorists, car manufacturers, premises owners and insurers.

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