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A paralegal is a legal professional who does a lot of the same tasks performed by attorneys, although a paralegal is restricted in certain tasks because he or she is not a licensed attorney. As a User, you have to carefully read this Legal Notice for all and any of the occasions that you access the web, as there may be modifications, being that the provider reserves the right to modify any type of information that may appear on the web without having to pre-warn or to inform users of these obligations, being only enough the mere publication on the website of the Provider.
Courses range from introducing students to the legal applications of computers, including how to perform legal research on the Internet to more and more abogados en derecho inmobiliario paralegal training programs offering internships to assist students in gaining practical experience by working for several months in the real world.

The broad knowledge of law and languages held by our specialist team of solicitors in Mallorca allows us to offer both international and national clients a highly comprehensive service in the areas of Real Estate, Company, Maritime, Tax, Investment, Family and Litigation Law.
This firm handles cases and claims in the areas of general civil trial and appeals, medical malpractice defense, legal malpractice defense, negligence cases, insurance, banking, commercial litigation, credit union legal issues, bankruptcy, collections, corporate law, real estate and mediation.

When You are buying second-hand, we check that the property on the date of possession is not burdened by debts, charges, mortgages or mortgages: we assist you in touch with brokers, sellers and their potential representatives: we edit the purchase contract (deposit agreement, contract of sale, bill of sale), we handle the entire registration process and payment of taxes and fees; we ensure that electricity, water and ownership of association bills shifted in Your name, and also helps if you want to have auto debit of bills from your bank account.
According to Spanish Law for acquiring a title of ownership to a property, it is necessary not only that the parties sign a sale and purchase agreement but also that the property is delivered to the purchaser, which usually occurs by granting the corresponding sale and purchase public deed.
She has an international background of legal experience and works to assist the needs of investors, second home owners and expatriates in Spain, who wish to purchase or sell properties in Spain and who also need assistance with related transactions, inheritance, migration and other legal matters.

MATA Lawyers' philosophy is based on a multi-lingual and multi-cultural approach, through a dedicated team composed of English, Spanish, French and German speakers; answering our clients' specific legal needs whether they relate to Spanish or international law issues.
Unless the parties have agreed to vary the terms beforehand, the Sales Contract always states that the property is free from all charges and encumbrances, that there are no outstanding debts connected to the property and that the seller is handing over vacant possession i.e. there are no tenants or other occupants.

Although the Property Tax Act 2009 Chapter 76:04 was intended to come into operation from January 1, 2010, there has been a hiatus on its implementation, which resulted in a moratorium on the payment of land and buildings taxes or house rates for the years 2010 to 2016.
If there are two purchase agreements, the property belongs to the first person to register the property at the Property Registry If you are the second person, then you have a right to compensation from the seller, in addition to a return of your deposit.

We have extensive experience in the sale and rental of real estate, whether urban, rural, residential or commercial, in Spain and abroad. The client will be informed on the corresponding taxes and costs arising in the purchase or sale transaction. You can get your Spanish passport after living in Spain for some time.

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